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SMLets Exchange Connector not updating RA's

Jeff_LandersJeff_Landers Customer IT Monkey ✭


We have been using the SMLets connector for while and love it. However, over the weekend, it appears that an email move to O365 has broken Approving RA's via email. While the mailbox hasn't changed, emails arrive and get sent for completion, creations, and even RA approvals, the approvals are not processed. That is, the RA's are not updated so the RA doesn't complete and the automation is hung until manually approval via the portal or console is completed.

Does anyone know why the RA's might not be updating?

The log shows that the script finds the RA but nothing updates.

Id                                          : RA124162

Title                                       : Purchase Review Activity

Description                                 : Request Description: Requesting Snag It to be

                                              installed on COHNTWS5703.

                                              Please charge the amount to the account number


                                              I understand that this is a one time charge,

                                              please let me know if this is not correct.

                                              Description: Quote Only:                   False

                                              What items:    SW - SnagIt

                                              How Many:                    1

                                              Account:                        1001-6101-601432

                                              Approver:                      Derek Armstrong

                                              Description:                  Requesting Snag It

                                              to be installed on COHNTWS5703.

                                              Please charge the amount to the account number


                                              I understand that this is a one time charge,

                                              please let me know if this is not correct.

                                              Item: SW - SnagIt

                                              Item Description: Request quote, one-time cost

                                              Item Specs: License is valid for one user on two


                                              Quantity: 1

                                              Account: 1001-6101-601432


ContactMethod                               :

CreatedDate                                 : 11/19/2019 4:07:18 PM

ScheduledStartDate                          :

ScheduledEndDate                            :

ActualStartDate                             : 11/19/2019 4:09:23 PM

ActualEndDate                               :

IsDowntime                                  :

IsParent                                    :

ScheduledDowntimeStartDate                  :

ScheduledDowntimeEndDate                    :

ActualDowntimeStartDate                     :

ActualDowntimeEndDate                       :

RequiredBy                                  :

PlannedCost                                 :

ActualCost                                  :

PlannedWork                                 :

ActualWork                                  :

UserInput                                   :

FirstAssignedDate                           :

FirstResponseDate                           :

DisplayName                                 : RA124162: Purchase Review Activity

__InternalId                                : dfbf7073-68df-870d-c25f-6f6143c507d5

Name                                        : RA124162

Path                                        :

FullName                                    : System.WorkItem.Activity.ReviewActivity:RA124162

ManagementPackClassIds                      : {bfd90aaa-80dd-0fbb-6eaf-65d92c1d8e36}

LeastDerivedNonAbstractManagementPackClassId : bfd90aaa-80dd-0fbb-6eaf-65d92c1d8e36

TimeAdded                                   : 11/19/2019 4:07:18 PM

LastModifiedBy                              : 7431e155-3d9e-4724-895e-c03ba951a352

Values                                      : {ApprovalEnum.Percentage, 10, (null), False...}

LastModified                                : 11/19/2019 8:09:23 AM

IsNew                                       : False

HasChanges                                  : False

ManagementGroup                             : COH

ManagementGroupId                           : 3d40e9cb-8f32-87ac-bb9f-fe61adc4b519

GroupsAsDifferentType                       : False

ViewName                                    : ManagedEntityGenericView

ObjectMode                                  : All

ClassName                                   : System.WorkItem.Activity.ReviewActivity

TypeName                                    : System.WorkItem.Activity.ReviewActivity

********************************** Nothing more to process ******************************************


Windows PowerShell transcript end

End time: 20191119141753



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    Brian_WinterBrian_Winter Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Hey @Jeff_Landers ,

    Ever get an answer to this problem? We're having the same issue.

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    Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    I never saw the original post! 😮

    The thing to check here is that the Active Directory PowerShell module is deployed alongside wherever you are running the connector. This is important as the AD Module from Remote System Administration Toolkit (RSAT) enables the connector distinguish users vs. groups

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    Brian_WinterBrian_Winter Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    That's the trick! New servers. Installed SMLets but overlooked AD.

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