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Allow ARO to support multiple mapping of date fields

Chris_Chekaluk1Chris_Chekaluk1 Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

When building RO's, I frequently am asked to build RO's with a date requested for delivery of something where the requester wants to constrain the input to (for example) 30 days in the future. In addition, they want the RO to also allow the requester to request an expedited request - i.e.a different date field without the same constraint.

The current challenge is that I need to use standard SCSM RO mapping to map the input to a date field on the resulting work item and therefore am forced to use 2 different mapped fields on the WI.

I think it would be helpful if Multiple Mapping were enhanced to allow the SCSM admin the ability to map either of these 2 input fields to the same WI field (of course, RO logic would prevent the user from simultaneously selecting the 'regular' and expedited date at the same time) just like as can currently be done with text fields.

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