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My Active Work Items: Add modify and create views

The My Active Work Items app is a powerful app. We could do a lot more with this app if we could create and modify custom views (including the option for ME and MYGROUPS token). For example:

  • Option to select or deselected which modules are displayed;
  • Option to create a custom view so a group can see what they need or a view for a specific location (based on their Office-field in Active Directory);
  • Option to filter out a status for example we don’t want to see tickets that are waiting on an user;
  • Option to add or remove fields like priority or to add a field which displays the phone number of the affected user;
  • Option to publish the view to the Analyst Portal. 


At this moment we still need to use al kind of views at the modules Incident Management, Activity Management, etc. It would be nice to be able to create custom views with the option to make different choices to the different modules so we can have 1 view to work in.

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    robert_fewins-kalbrobert_fewins-kalb Member IT Monkey ✭

    New Cireson customer - totally agree. I have had multiple requests in less than one week from Go-Live to add the User's department to the My Work and Team Work views.

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