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required checkbox

Peter_MiklianPeter_Miklian Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

It would be nice to have a checkbox that requires checking in order to have a value ("required checkbox") for cases where user needs to accept some terms (e.g. license) to be able to save ticket form.

Previous discussion: https://community.cireson.com/discussion/5309/required-checkbox

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    Ian_StephensonIan_Stephenson Customer IT Monkey ✭

    this would be incredibly helpful in our environment!

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    Marco_WesterhoffMarco_Westerhoff Customer IT Monkey ✭

    This would be very nice indeed. To accomplish this we now use a simple list with only the desired answer (like Yes, I agree).

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    Carol_LeeCarol_Lee Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Yes, please add this feature to the next release. The current Simple List bolds and capitalizes all the words in the statements. They look horrible in the Portal.

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    Magnus_LundgrenMagnus_Lundgren Partner IT Monkey ✭

    This would be awsome.

    Until something like this is added it can be done with some custom code, just add below code to load on the form you want.

      if ( document.title === "Title of RO" ){

    If you have multiple checkboxes you need to change [0] to the number corresponding the checkbox on the page, [0] is always the first checkbox on the page.

    It will also disable the save button until the checkbox is checked.

    var saveButton = $(".fa-check").parent()[0];
    saveButton.setAttribute("disabled", "disabled");
    } else {
    var checkbox = $('input[type=checkbox]');
    var label = checkbox.next()[0];
    label.innerHTML = '<span>'+label.innerText+ '<span style="color:#ff0000;"> (Required checkbox)</span></span>';

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