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Form custom class with related Custom Classes in an ObjectPicker

Peter_MuttenthalerPeter_Muttenthaler Partner Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

Dear all,

I've a topic with a custom form.

I've created a custom class, created an Odata dashboard (by using the dynamic data sync) and created a custom form with custom fields. Everything great so far but:

Now I want to use the object picker to display other related object classes (Typeprojection is existing and is already configured in the group settings area of the administrative settings). I use the preconfigured (and in SCSM console working relationships), but I don't get a display of the existing relation nore I can change it.

Do you have any ideas what is missing?

I think I've a general issue because with pageForm.viewModel I dont get any information about the related objects.

Thanks in advance for your reply!


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