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Assign to Analyst by Group - Showing ID of previous Analyst when changing assignment (Portal v9.4.5)

Emma_JenkinsEmma_Jenkins Customer IT Monkey ✭

We recently updated our Portal to 9.4.5 and cannot say I noticed this before so thought it might be a bug?

When reassigning work items (using Assign to Analyst by Group) if the WI was already assigned to an Analyst and you change the team it displays the ID for the person it was assigned to. If you delete the Analyst then change the Support Group it still repopulates with the ID of the original Analyst.

Has anyone else seen this in this version or earlier?

You can replicate by

-Open a WI already assigned to someone

-Open task Assign to Analyst by Group

-Delete name of Analyst assigned to

-Delete name of team or choose new team

-System will auto fill the long ID of whoever it was assigned to and if you save or apply it assigns to new team but also the other person it was assigned to even if they're not in that team. 

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