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Ryan_KennedyRyan_Kennedy Customer IT Monkey ✭


The send email link in the portal gives an option to select a template.

All the templates in the list by default seem to be my Incident Templates..

Selecting them does not put any template text into the body of the email and I have no idea how they are selected to be put into the list of templates.

We would like to have a template applied to the body of ALL emails sent from the portal.

Or if this is not possible, at least narrow the selection of templates in the list down.

Can anyone tell me how this is possible?



  • Fredrik_BorchseniusFredrik_Borchsenius Customer IT Monkey ✭
    You can filter which templates are available by filling in this setting in settingsitem (under admin setting):

    Keep in mind that the portal E-Mail templates don't support traditional SCSM syntax (Such as inserting affected user etc etc)
  • Ryan_KennedyRyan_Kennedy Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks for that information. Still wanting to know if there is a way to force a template on the email but may just ask Cireson about this.
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