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Customer proactive issue notifications

Peter_MiklianPeter_Miklian Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

There's the Cireson - Console App Licensing application periodically checking license validity for all installed Cireson products. What if this app would report those products with versions to Cireson servers so Cireson would have those information and could proactively notify their customers about any newly detected issues. The channel could be anything from simple e-mails to announcements for admins in the portal etc.

I'd be very happy get e-mail like:

Dear customer AAA, we found/have reported an issue affecting application BBB in version CC.DDD.EEE which you have installed in your prod/lab/dev environment. We are investigating it in [PRfffff]. Here's the issue description: ... Current workaround is ... We expect to have it fixed by DD.MM.YYYY/fix is already available in version HH.III.JJJ, please upgrade.

I think this could have many benefits like time savings when customers don't need to investigate the same known issue separately, Cireson would have less incidents about the same problem, app lifecycle in customer's environments would get faster - they'd be literally motivated to upgrade often :) Cons: customers would know about many bugs they don't even notice now :)

The Open Issues dashboard is good step in this direction but that grid is unusable in practice :( Thanks.

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