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Monitoring runbook catching unrelated objects

Peter_MiklianPeter_Miklian Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

We have runbook monitoring Trouble Ticket Analyst Comments with Trigger: New + Updated which invokes another runbook sending e-mail notifications. We use this instead of SCSM subscriptions/Cireson Notify Analyst for better customization.

One of our analyst created private comment in SCSM console. A few hours ago he removed the private checkbox because he realized he wants to notify the end user with this comment. Orchestrator caught this updated comment but many (~100) other unrelated comments, too and created duplicate e-mail notifications.

Can anyone explain?

My fix will probably be to monitor only new comments. Not ideal though for the before mentioned case e.g. where IsPrivate attribute change is valid... Thanks


  • Steffen_DobritzSteffen_Dobritz Member IT Monkey ✭
    edited September 2020


    I tried to reproduced your issue, but I can't. I have a runbook which monitors Analyst-Comments triggered if new or updated. I linked it to "send mail" with a condition "if propertiy isPrivate eq FALSE".

    • Then I go to console created a comment for a SR workItem and enabled the checkbox for private comment.
    • Then I was waiting if something triggered or happend, but nothing happend as expected.
    • Next I went back to console and disabled the checkbox for private comment.
    • Then I wait till the runbook was triggered and I got an email.

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