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Send Email not showing added text

Mark_JonesMark_Jones Customer IT Monkey ✭

I put this over in Advanced Send Email, but it really should be here!

We have just undergone a complete upgrade to SCSM 2019 and Cireson Portal 10.0. We are using Advanced Send Email v8.1.0.2016.

We have gone into the SM console to create new email templates. When sending the email using one of these templates, we add text to the template to embellish and further define the communication. Once the email is sent successfully, and we have made the setting to Add To Action Log As Default, the Action Log does not reflect any of the added text! Just the text from the template appears. It does show up in the End User's email. When the End User replies, that added text is present is that entry in the Action Log.

Email sent from Advanced Send Email from the console is working just fine. The Action Log shows all added text.

Are we missing something?

Thanks for any assistance.



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