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Nathan_BatesNathan_Bates Member IT Monkey ✭

Good day all, hoping to get a little bit of light shed on the following. Been looking thought the forums and the KB and have yet to come to a direct solution.

We have been using the free portal for a good portion of time now and have recently taken on the fully Analyst Portal.

We would like to move our Account Request process over to SCSM but would like to know it it is possible to have a custom form on the Cireson Portal that is used only for our Account Request Process at this point the thought was to leverage a CR process.

I have found that it is possible to make a custom form on for items but it changes for everything of that type.

If people have already tackled this in their environment and have ideas please let me know, we are still in the planning/investigation stage and are open to suggestions.

If you think there is a better things to leverage I am open other suggestions as well.

Thanks all!


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