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Email to Support Alias Didn't Create Incident

Steve_CoxSteve_Cox Customer IT Monkey ✭

We have an alias that users can send email to that automatically creates an IR assigned to the Service Desk. Today a user sent an email to this alias but no IR was ever created. I tried to repro this but the mail I sent successfully created an IR. So, I'm trying to track down what happened to the email that didn't create the ticket.

I logged into the account of the alias we use, expecting to find dozens of emails in the Inbox, or at least in the Deleted box, but there is absolutely nothing in it.

How do I troubleshoot this? Where are the emails send to our SD alias going?




  • Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭
    edited November 2020

    Are you using the Exchange Connector? If so there is a setting on it "Only process emails from users in the CMDB" which if checked, will not generate the ticket. I have also seen issues where name changes or email changes breaks this until you sync those changes in. You can go into the User Object and the Notifications Tab and make sure their SMTP information is correct.

    This used to hit me hard because our name change process also changed the username and that is not as easy to fix in the CMDB as one would think, at least not in 2012 R2. I have scripts to do this for me, it involves breaking all relationships (and saving them), deleting the user object permanently, resyncing the object back in with the correct data, and then rebuilding all the relationships the user had. Hopefully you just have to resync AD and it will fix the email change if that is what it is :).

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