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Unique Scenario -- Going from SCSM/AssetManagement to ONLY Asset Management

Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

So I work for a very large enterprise, and we have completed our swap to Service Now for ITSM. We continue to use SCSM only for Asset Management. This change has been done almost a full year. The environment is 2012 R2 now with 6 management servers, DB, DW and DW Management servers in use. The workload on it is super minimal now, with only 1-3 people ever on at any one time.

My goal is to go through my first upgrade process now that I can have a down time and not impact operations. I would like to use the Cireson Lifecycle Management App to do this, in the event something goes bad. I do NOT think we will need a new Data Warehouse (Need some more info on this with regard to asset management history etc.).


  1. Should I just go to 2019?
  2. Since we no longer use Work Items etc. can I NOT migrate those, or might this cause issues with assets related to them or anything? What is the Minimum Migrations I would have to do to just keep Hardware and Software Assets?
  3. I read the LMA install instructions, but is there a good guide for using it to go from 2012R2 to 2019 here by Cireson?
  4. We use the Cireson Portal (very old version) as well, but its so old Asset Management can't really be efficiently worked in it, are newer versions of the portal worth it for just Asset Management?
  5. Are there any suggestions, ideas, gotcha or caveats you can think of for this scenario?

I appreciate any and all advice, I never did upgrade SCSM due to the possibility of breaking it and our ITSM being down an extended amount of time, and then when Cireson built the Lifecycle App things got o busy and then we targeted Service Now, so I never did it. The biggest reason I would like to go through this is just because I never got a chance to, sure it will add a lot more Assset Management functionality I am sure, but that isnt my main reason :). I kind of NEED to do this after supporting this nightmare for so many years lol.




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    Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Oh yeah, the Data Warehouse Question, we do like to have the history on our Asset's, and I plan to set the grooming to no less than 7 years on the Database. Should that eliminate the need for a Data Warehouse? Is there anything of value from a DW for AM if we have the retention set so high?

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