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Global Search - support keyword operators like Google

Vanek_RostislavVanek_Rostislav Customer IT Monkey ✭

Hello everyone, first of all I must say we love the GLOBAL SEARCH concept.

Unfortunately at this moment it doesn't support even elementary boolean operators similar to Google

You cannot NARROW your search by ADDING keywords to limit search results

Adding more words actually WIDDENS the search to show results for each search term alone

Typing OFFICE MOVE into the Global Search box

  • search results will contain all tickets containing alone the word OFFICE (office 365, office crashing, office update) and also ANY TICKET with the word MOVE alone in it (move files, move mouse, move data...)
  • what we need is OFFICE + MOVE - (AND) operator to display ONLY tickets that contain BOTH office AND move in same ticket (HR office move, table move in office 223, remove carpet from Mr. SMITH office)

Typing SECOND MONITOR into the Global Search box

  • search results will contain literally ALL tickets with the word SECOND alone (second account, second option, second day) and also all tickets with word MONITOR alone (broken monitor, monitoring transfers, monitor access...)
  • what we need is either SECOND + MONITOR - (AND) operator to display ONLY tickets that contain BOTH second AND monitor in same ticket or even better "SECOND MONITOR" - (EXACT PHRASE) operator to display tickets that contain this exact phrase wording

Classic Operator examples:

AND operator (+)

  • HEADPHONES + SKYPE - shows ONLY results containing **BOTH** headphones AND skype in any order inside a single ticket

PHRASE operator (" ")

  • "SECOND MONITOR" - shows results that contain exactly phrasing "second monitor" exactly as written - so a ticket containing sentence "I need to monitor the second AD account we setup for user" will NOT be shown if we search for exact phrase "SECOND MONITOR"

Iam afraid without these elementary operators the GLOBAL SEARCH has very limited usability compared to classic search engine where you can use AND, OR, EXACT operators

Looking forward to see this added.

Unfortunately we will be reverting back to CLASSIC search. At this moment GLOBAL SEARCH effectively only supports searching for SINGLE KEYWORD at once, which is too gross to search 100+ tickets when you only have 1 word to search for...

Thank you


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  • Gabriel_LencesGabriel_Lences Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    +1 for any global search improvement idea from me.

  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Hey there @Vanek_Rostislav! Just thought I'd share a few things around Global Search:

    1. We recently released v10.5.1 which includes Administrative filtering via OData. This lets you control how data is returned in the first place. i.e. Don't include Draft Knowledge Articles or Retired Hardware Assets. You can read more on our blog over here.
    2. In the coming months we'll be introducing comparison operators for any property you have enabled for the Class in question on the "More Results" page
    3. I'll be updating 2021 Roadmaps soon to reflect this and other upcoming Global Search features
  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Comparison operators are now available in v11.1 of the portal -

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