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Expand fields available in multiple mapping of query prompts

Chris_Chekaluk1Chris_Chekaluk1 Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

It is great that 11.1 introduces the ability for the ARO author to map properties other than the DisplayName to work item text fields. However, the current design only allows the ARO author to map properties that are displayed in the query prompt control.

Mapping query prompt fields to text fields is intended to provide better/more convenient information to the Analyst working on the resulting work item(s). However, the fields selected to display in the query prompt are intended to help the requesting User select the correct item.

The current design forces ARO authors to present information intended for the Analyst to the User, which I fear will confuse users with more information than they need to make the appropriate selection when submitting the ARO.

Maybe this isn't a great example, but... the ARO may need to present Computer name, MAC address, IP address, chassis, etc. to the requester only to get them to pick the correct computer. The more complex the activities/process in the WI template, the more properties that may need to be displayed to map the appropriate data.

I believe an improvement would be to allow the ARO author the ability to select any property available to the class when multiple-mapping the query prompt selection to a text field.

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