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Self-Service Portal limitations

Dear all, last two days I spent by playing around the Self-Service Portal free version. Unfortunately the result was to noGO for the implementation over our SCSM 2019. I found some issues/features, that I would like to explain and will very appreciate if someone can confirm my findings, and if possible suggest how to solve those issues or place any workaround, since the overall portal design and functionality seems to be very fine in comparison to the out-of-box MS Portal.

1, It's not possible to add attachments by the end users once the request/incident is submitted. From the discussion I've found this ability available only in licensed portal, not the free one. For analysts it works fine.

2, Attaching files also don't work in case the service offerings are based on customised templates wit inherited classes from the original service request management pack classes. This is strange.

3, Even I've enabled the option to add an attachment as user prompt to the service offering, I was still getting JSON errors once trying to attach any file, probably caused by the fact that we use customised templates (previous point).

Due to such limitation I am very disappointed with the portal functionality, since those limitations are preventing to use the portal in our case.

Many thanks in advance for confirmation of the above limitations or any possible workaround proposal.

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