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Reimport management packs that contain dimension, fact, or cube name

Steffen_DobritzSteffen_Dobritz Member IT Monkey ✭
edited December 2021 in Service Manager

I want to make clear if I understand this article corectly. And have some addtional question. My MP contains only dimension, fact and outrigger no cubes.

1) Delete the MP on Service Manager and wait till MpSync runs once or twice, so that the MP is also deleted under DW -> Management Packs.

2) Open SQL Server Management Studio to remove your custom Dim- and Fact-tables from DWRepository and DWDataMart.

Do I have to delete the views from DWRepository and DWDataMart as well? And what about the tables in DWStangingAndConfig? After deleting tables do I have to wait for the DW jobs?


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    Steffen_DobritzSteffen_Dobritz Member IT Monkey ✭
    edited December 2021

    In my opinion the documentation for reimport previously removed mp is incomplete. You have to delete your custom tables in CMDWDataMart and OMDWDataMart as well. Otherwise you get error msg for ETL process type: Load

    Cannot insert duplicate key row in object

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