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Team Work and Support Groups

We are playing around with a request for individuals who are not members of the Analyst group to be able to view tickets in the Team Work view.

We were thinking we could create a support group and map it to a DL and make those individuals members of the DL, so they will receive notification when a ticket has been created and assigned to that Support Group (don't ask why we aren't just making them Analysts or doing multi-tendency...long story...), and then when they go to Team Work, they should be able to have inventory of tickets assigned to that group.

We are doing some testing, but we are not having success. We're not sure if it's because something needs to sync, but from what we're reading, our test account should have visibility into the tickets assigned to this test support group, but we are not seeing the tickets.


  • robert_fewins-kalbrobert_fewins-kalb Member IT Monkey ✭

    Nevermind - we figured it out. We had to restart Cireson cache :)

  • jodi_waldjodi_wald Member IT Monkey ✭

    Related question. After we figured out how to get the tickets to show up in the Team Work view for End users. We discovered that the "Assigned User" column does not appear for end users. It is there for Analysts. What is hiding that column. It does not appear when I reset the view or use the Choose Column Selector.

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