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Time Tracker gets lost after re-customizing a form with Time Tracker

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edited July 2016 in Time Tracker
We have the customised form with the time tracker on it already. I added another field to the form on a different tab. But when I reimport the form, the fields on Time Worked tab disappeared. I cannot find the attributes given in the instructions https://support.cireson.com/KnowledgeBase/View/1140#/ , when I search for them in the xml (that were previously added to the form as part of these instructions)

The reason why this happens is:

<p><Category ID="Cireson.TimeTracker.Category" Value="Console!Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.ManagementPack"></p><p><ManagementPackName>Cireson.TimeTracker</ManagementPackName></p><p><ManagementPackVersion></ManagementPackVersion></p><p><ManagementPackPublicKeyToken>98ba2176e2a9efbc</ManagementPackPublicKeyToken></p><p></Category></p><p><br></p>

The Authoring Tool will not open an MP containing ManagementPackPublicKeyToken. When the Authoring Tool signs, it adds it in. If you export the MP XML from the database, the Authoring Tool won’t open it unless you remove it first.

The Authoring Tool is removing the Time Tracker customisation, you can’t use it to sign the MP.

Fastseal.exe will sign it, but it requires that the ManagementPackPublicKeyToken is present. Hence the difference.

So if in this situation you will need to save your unsealed management pack that contains your new customization, add the XML for time tracker, seal using fastseal.exe (or something else other than the authoring tool) and you will need to add the MP category ManagementPackPublicKeyToken in.


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