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Implementation Plans as Configuration Items

I would really like to see expansion for Implementation Plans in SCSM and the Cireson Portal. Currently, Change Requests only have a single multiline text box to enter your plan info into. Anyone that has implemented a new system or updated one knows that these plans can be vast and are comprised of multiple tasks.

It would be ideal to have Implementation Plans as Configuration Items within the system. These CIs would have the following components built into them:

1. General Information

-      Title / Name

-      Business Service / System (List or Selectable CI)

-      System Design Document (Link or Selectable KA)

-      Disaster Recovery Plan (Link or Selectable CI)

2. Major Tasks (These could be selectable CIs as well)

           - Title

           - Start Date

           - End Date

           - Assigned To (Selectable AD User CI)

           - Knowledge Article (Link or Selectable KA)

           - Status (Enum List)

3.  Function to Test (These could be selectable CIs as well)

           - Title

           - Date to Complete By

           - Assigned To (Selectable AD User CI)

           - Knowledge Article (Link or Selectable KA)

           - Status (Enum List)

4.  Back Out Tasks (These could be selectable CIs as well)

           - Title

           - Assigned To (Selectable AD User CI)

           - Knowledge Article (Link or Selectable KA)

           - Status (Enum List)


I’ve already developed a separate Power App to fulfill this function for our environment but would absolutely jump on the opportunity to have it built into our existing Cireson Portal.


  • Cary_MyersCary_Myers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    The power app sounds cool. To answer your original question. The CCR form fields we see in the portal are pulled in from SCSM. In terms of the original request most of the properties referenced exist in the portal or could be custom enumeration lists. You mentioned links for docs. That sounds like your best bet. You don't want docs being moved over to your data warehouse

    KB's and Business Services exist already, and major tasks could be activities inside of the CCR with properties referenced above brought over as associated Configuration Items, Enum lists and or timestamp fields. At the most you may have to extend the existing CCR form properties.

    All the above fields would be available to you for reporting without the overhead of creating and managing a custom class.

    All of that is said with the understanding you may have constraints and other stuff that I’m not aware of and not considering. My suggestions hope to get you what you need and save you some work.

  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'd second Cary here. A lot of what you're describing sounds like a mix of either using:

    • Manual Activities (unique titles, potentially unique assignees)
    • fields that already exist on a Change Request
    • File Attachments with additional documentation
    • PowerShell Activity that controls the state of specific Manual Activities (i.e. when the CR Implementation Result equals "Successfully Implemented" skip a Manual Activity by the name of "Execute Backout Plan"

  • Matthew_MeyerMatthew_Meyer Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks for the response Cary and Adam.

    What you've proposed does peek my interest and I'm definitely going to explore further.

    The main issue I have with the Power App I created is the lack of reporting. It would really be nice to grab the info I mentioned above from Analytics and like Cary stated above I would get that without having to create a custom class.

  • Cary_MyersCary_Myers Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Adam would need to clarify on if the extensions etc. would be groomed into the Analytics database. 

    It would be available in the ServieManager Database database. Start with the dbo.MTV_system$WorkItem$ChangeRequest view and join away! Do everything in test first of course.

    As the base Change class all your extensions will be visible. Once you’re comfortable with the schema you can get anything you want out of the database. If PowerShell is your thing, you can do the same thing and create html or csv reports.

    There is a little Cireson voice in my ear that reminds me that PowerShell uses the sdk and will optimize the query.

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