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Changing the default Portal font

Steve_BarnardSteve_Barnard Partner IT Monkey ✭


I've had a request from a customer if it's possible to change the generic font of the portal to Calibri. I know you can change using the custom.css file but they want to change the font throughout the portal, not just individual elements. If it's not possible, then fair enough.



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  • Clayton_FarrClayton_Farr Member IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Steve,

    You bet. You can override the font used across the Portal within the custom.css file, however currently it requires a bit more work than it should (a lot of CSS selectors to override current styles). Our next update, to be released in a handful of weeks, will make this much easier. It will allow you to target a small handful of CSS selectors to more easily make global updates like this.

  • Steve_BarnardSteve_Barnard Partner IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Clayton,

    Have you got any documentation as to which CSS selectors need modifying to accomplish this?



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