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How to import large lists to RO's?

Alexis_StallmanAlexis_Stallman Customer IT Monkey ✭

Hello, we are currently working on a request offering that requires a list with over 300 options. Is there a way to import this list into the RO without having to manually adding them to a simple list in the advanced request offering editor?


  • Brett_MoffettBrett_Moffett Cireson PACE Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Alexis_Stallman

    That's a LOT of list options!!

    Is it worth tuning them in to a Configuration Item (CI) class?

    If the items have additional properties that you would want to associate with them (Who's using it, cost, location, etc.) then I would suggest creating a custom CI class and using a query picker in the RO to select the one the user wants.

    But.... If it's just a plain old list then I would

    1) Create the ARO in it's own Management pack

    2) Add one or two values in the list

    3) Save it

    4) Export the MP

    5) Open the MP (XML) in an editor

    6) Find the 2 or 3 list values that you added and see the format that it uses to index the values. Cut and paste or write a Concatinate Excel query to create the lines of XML to add and paste it in.

    7) Increment the version of the MP by 0.0.1 (This will prevent confusion as to which MP you are importing)

    8) Save it.

    9) Re-import the XML MP

    If this is something you are doing over and over, I would probably write this up in PowerShell to edit the values int he XML dataset, but if it's a once off, manipulating the Data in Excel will be the easiest.


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