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Updating scoped access

David_HicksDavid_Hicks Customer IT Monkey ✭

Does anyone know exactly what this process in the cachebuilder is doing? It's suddenly taking several minutes to finish every time it runs. I can't find any obvious duress on the server or SQL end.


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    David_HicksDavid_Hicks Customer IT Monkey ✭

    To clarify, this process runs with the work item update. It's not the one that happens just at the startup of the cachebuilder service.

    2022-12-12 11:22:07,479, INFO [ 71]: Updating reviewers

    2022-12-12 11:22:07,542, INFO [ 76]: Updating reviewer decision

    2022-12-12 11:22:08,182, INFO [ 94]: Updating scoped access <-- THIS GUY

    2022-12-12 11:22:08,276, INFO [ 94]: Evaluating the request offering scoping tables

    2022-12-12 11:22:08,276, INFO [ 94]: Finished the request offering scoping.

    2022-12-12 11:22:08,292, INFO [ 94]: Evaluating the service offering scoping tables

    2022-12-12 11:22:08,292, INFO [ 94]: Finished the service offering scoping.

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    Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's suddenly taking several minutes to finish every time it runs

    Usually this is seen when there is some kind of change of security scoping on the SCSM side. But if I'm looking at the log above, that seems to be running in fractions of a second. So I suspect this may not be the exact example, but if you can open a support case we can def take a look at this more in depth.

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