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Available reports on Analyst portal (Cireson portal)

VikVik Member IT Monkey ✭
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Hi guys,

Hope you guys can help me. I am looking for ways Analysts can view and/or download reports for IRs/SRs from SCSM. If i am not mistaken, CIreson Analyst portal has already a few that come with the free portal version but wanted to know which ones come per-defined. We currently only have the default Self-service portal deployed that comes with SCSM installer, but could take Cireson's for a spin, if free allows us to achieve the above.

The reports I am looking for:

  • List of IR with Title, Assigned to, affected user, Urgency, Status, Support Group, Time worked and SLO
  • List of SR with with Title, Assigned to, affected user, Status, Support Group, Time worked
  • SLA/O by analysts

We are currently only dealing with IR and SR Work Items. I know there are some PS scripts to run against DBs for some reporting but these are not the best when Analysts need reports on the go.

Also, can Cireson Analyst portal co-exist with SCSM's self-service portal?

Many thanks in advance.

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