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Hardware Assets - Replacement lifecycle data

Sharon_SpearsSharon_Spears Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
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We have an end user replacement strategy for our 1700 devices. Notebooks replaced 4 years, desktops 5 years etc.

We want to be able to leverage SCSM data to create a Power BI reporting dashboard for our 4 year replacement plan and export data from SCCM to excel when necessary.

We want a lifecycle replacement section.

The theory would be to have a section that kind of duplicates the configuration of Warranty, but you assign a master 'HWA Lifecycle Replacement' to the configuration item that automatically caculates the replacement year based on the  "Master Lease/Warranty Starts" + the number of years you stipulated it the 'HWA Lifecycle Replacement' master contract.

Has anybody done anything like this or has any other ideas.

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