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Archiver - Object History

Simon_ZeinhoferSimon_Zeinhofer Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

I have a question/idea about the archiver.

As far as I remember it, as long as an object, e.g. an incident, is active in the cmdb its history from the servicemanager/servicemanagement database is shown. So let's say we have a history retention of 1 week, this would affect the history by deleting history entries older than one week every night during grooming.

As soon as the work item gets deleted and is only present in the archiving tables inside the Analytics DB, the full history is shown, as the work item history got incrementally added during the archiving tasks from the cachebuilder.

Would it be possible, to somehow combine these 2? I mean for me it seems unlogical that I have to wait until the workitem is groomed out to see the full history - I know if the Archiver didn't exist, we wouldn't have that possibility at all, but as it exists I think this could be really useful. Especially when I look at the roadmap and archiving of config items is there (hopefully it lets us select which config item classes get archived 🤩) extending the history from the archiving tables would be amazing. Especially hardware assets have a longer lifecycle than the history retention time in SCSM(hopefully), so a full history would make sense there and would give all of us the option to reduce history retention time even more. Else I would have to delete a hardware asset asap so I am able to view the full history.

Ofc it would be possible to get the history from the Archiving tables and convert the json to a readable format in powershell, but this is not very usable for non SCSM admins.

Maybe I am wrong and the history is already combined, and if that's the case, please ignore this 😁

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