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Cachebuilder does not sync Request offerings - GetRequestOfferingRow Error

Patrick_HammerPatrick_Hammer Member IT Monkey ✭
edited October 2023 in Community Uploads

Our Cachebuilder does not sync correct. So one Request offering did not sync.

We have the following error in the cachebuilder log:

ERROR [ 21]: GetRequestOfferingRow failed with error: An item with the same key has already been added.

You also have an diffrence in the Request offering tables between. You can check that with this sql statement:

SELECT bs.Value, Title_7AE4D8A8_00C8_DF5A_347D_A336D5D875BF, ro.*

                  FROM MT_System$RequestOffering ro

                   LEFT JOIN BlobStorage bs ON bs.BlobId = ro.Image_2B8C0BE4_F0FA_C6DD_4D92_5854C513CD67

                  INNER JOIN BaseManagedEntity bme ON bme.BaseManagedEntityId = ro.BaseManagedEntityId

                  INNER JOIN EnumType e ON e.EnumTypeId = ro.Status_17348DC0_DB86_81C4_DC59_5EE105DAF50A AND e.EnumTypeName = 'System.Offering.StatusEnum.Published'

                  WHERE bme.IsDeleted = 0

               and Title_7AE4D8A8_00C8_DF5A_347D_A336D5D875BF not in ( SELECT Title

 FROM [servicemanagement].[dbo].[RequestOffering])


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    Patrick_HammerPatrick_Hammer Member IT Monkey ✭

    In the Page definition of the Management Pack some of the prompt IDs are doubled. To remove this error, you have to make the PromptId Unique. As far as I see now, there are no side effects.

    So you have to do these steps:

    1. Make these PromptIds Unique
    2. Import the management pack
    3. Resync the Cachbuilde Service Katalog

    Wrong page definition:

     <Page Name="PageName">

    <Prompt PromptId="4c587e26-fbf4-43a6-8b5b-ed414eb17c11" />

    <Prompt PromptId="4c587e26-fbf4-43a6-8b5b-ed414eb17c11" />

    How do you get this?

    When you are editing the Add Prompt of the Layout section in the Request Offering it can be, that some prompts are multiple. If you want to use one of these prompts, you have to do this afterwards.

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