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Dakota_GreenDakota_Green Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
Hello Community!

One of Cireson’s Advanced Send Email features is that it offers the capability to create notification templates, which allows for the Analyst to send pre-determined responses to the customer or to another recipient. For example, you haven’t heard back from a customer in four days on a pressing work item? You can have a template stating that you haven’t heard from them in a few days, and to respond back if the work item is still relevant.

What other templates have you designed or developed for your company to make use of?


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    KirkPanitzKirkPanitz Member IT Monkey ✭

    My company is a MSP so we end up having a very complex list of needs for send mail. One of the biggest advantages for templates is to redirect someone to the right place...for example.

    Password Resets
    We have a standard self-service tool but users commonly email/call the service desk instead of trying the tool. So we have a template that links them to our tool and provides some instructions on how to use it.

    Application Approvals
    A lot of our customers require approval before installing applications and users commonly do not leverage the service request forms in the portal. So instead of redirecting them back to the portal we have a several standard request forms we email them that they can just reply and fill in the blanks so we can open the service request and get the approval on there behalf. In our case forcing portal use just wasn't practical for many of our customers.

    Self-Service How To's
    We write knowledge articles for just about everything, but getting users to leverage the knowledge base reliably is a challenge. So for some of the most common asks that users can do themselves we have made email templates (map network drive, network printer, setup mail, setup mobile device, etc). We provide the instructions right in the email and also refer them to the knowledge library for future requests.

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