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members of "End user" role dont see custom CI on Cireson portal

I have create custom CI and I want End users to see that CI on the portal during creating Service Requests.

If I make a user a member of the End user role, this user sees the CI on the portal.

But if I add a user to the AD group and then add this group to the End user role - members of this group do not see CI on the portal.

I tried to re-import AD groups, restart cache builder, App pool, web site, but nothing helps.

How do I grant access to the End users role through membership in the AD group?


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    Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant O.G.

    Hi @Taras_Kirillov
    Where are you wanting End Users to "see" CIs? On an RO form?

    Have you tried adding a user directly to the role, rather than via a group?


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