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Custom Hardware Asset Field in Web Portal

Sarah_GeihsSarah_Geihs Customer IT Monkey ✭

Hi all,

We want to expand the information about the hardware assets to include two commercial numbers: "Anlagennummer" and "Anlagenunternummer".

I have already added the two fields to our class extension and revised the form for the console.

However, the two fields have special requirements that I was able to implement for the console, but I don't know how to do it on the web.

  • Both fields are decimal numbers and should not contain letters, special characters or spaces.
  • The length of the two fields is limited to 12 and 4
  • If a number is entered that is shorter than this specified length, the field should be filled with leading zeros.

Because of the leading zeros, I decided on a string and not an int field and limited the input to numbers in the wpf of the form. After the field is filled, it is automatically populated with zeros:

<Property ID="Anlagennummer"  Type="string" AutoIncrement="false" Key="false" CaseSensitive="false" MinLength="0" MaxLength ="12" Required="false" Scale="0" />
<Property ID="Anlagenunternummer" Type="string" AutoIncrement="false" Key="false" CaseSensitive="false" MinLength="0" MaxLength ="4" Required="false" Scale="0" /> Form: <TextBox Name="Anlagennummer" Text="{Binding Path=Anlagennummer, Mode=TwoWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" PreviewTextInput="NumberValidationTextBox" LostFocus="Anlagennummer_TextChanged" toolbox:Validation.StringLengthMax="12" /> <TextBox Name="Anlagenunternummer" Text="{Binding Path=Anlagenunternummer, Mode=TwoWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" PreviewTextInput="NumberValidationTextBox" LostFocus="Anlagenunternummer_TextChanged" toolbox:Validation.StringLengthMax="4" /> Functions (c#): private void NumberValidationTextBox(object sender, TextCompositionEventArgs e)
Regex regex = new Regex("[^0-9]+");
e.Handled = regex.IsMatch(e.Text);
} private void Anlagennummer_TextChanged(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Anlagennummer.Text = Anlagennummer.Text.Trim().PadLeft(12, '0');

Thats worked. So far so good.

Now I would like to add these functions in our webportal. I added both fields in the hardwareasset.js (in custom Forms):

{ DataType: "Decimal", PropertyDisplayName: "Anlagennummer:", PropertyName: "Anlagennummer", DecimalPlaces: 12 },
{ DataType: "Decimal", PropertyDisplayName: "Anlagenunternummer:", PropertyName: "Anlagenunternummer", DecimalPlaces: 4 }

I was hoping that the DecimalPlaces attribute only allowed the legal characters. Unfortunately that doesn't work.

Long story short:
I don't know how to:
  1. limit the field length to 12 and 4
2. can add the leading zeros when filling (or after).
I know the JS function: text.padStart(12) (e.g)
But I don't know how I can monitor the field, like C# for example with the "LostFocus"
Can you help me there?
Thanks, Sarah


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    Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant O.G.

    Hi @Sarah_Geihs

    Not fully tested this end to end but here's a starter.
    First of all, beuase they are defined as strings in the MP. I think you'll want a string control on the form. This allows you to set a MinLength and MaxLength.

    { DataType: "String", PropertyDisplayName: "Anlagennummer", PropertyName: "Anlagennummer", Required: true, MinLength: 12, MaxLength: 12}

    As for the padding, this code will create a null task (runs on page load) for HWA, which binds to the control's focusout event and does the padding.

    app.custom.formTasks.add('HardwareAsset', null, function(formObj, viewModel) {
        $(function() {
            $('.cs-form__textbox--Anlagennummer > input').focusout(function() {


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    Sarah_GeihsSarah_Geihs Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi Geoff,

    The leading zeros are appended, but are not saved when the asset is saved.

    How can I specify that only numbers should be entered, if I define the field as a string?

    Thanks, Sarah

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