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Matthew_DowstMatthew_Dowst Customer IT Monkey ✭
Is it possible to update the field that the out-of-box (My Requests, Team Requests, My Work, etc) views use for Service Request Areas? I often have client who prefer to use a custom Area extension, because you cannot remove the default Areas in Service Manager. However, when doing this the Category column will always show as blank in these views.  

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  • Joe_BurrowsJoe_Burrows Cireson Devops Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Matthew

    Currently it is not possible to customize the out of box views. We do have some feature requests already open around grid customization as below if you want to check them out:



  • Matthew_DowstMatthew_Dowst Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I was not aware of the IsEnabled column in the Cireson database. I will definitely be using that. Typically What I end up doing is overriding the display name of the out-of-box Areas, but my current client did not have enough Areas for me to override them all. I think a combination of overrides and the IsEnabled will work perfectly for them. Thanks!
  • A_J__MezaA_J__Meza Member IT Monkey ✭
    New to Cireson here...just now implementing for my organization, but I came across this post as I had the exact same problem. Ended up coming up with an incredibly simple solution that should work for anyone who already has SCORCH running and integrated with SCSM.

    Just add all your custom SR Area values to the out-of-the-box SR Area list (don't worry about overriding the default values, since i'm sure you've already hidden that list everywhere else in SCSM and the portal). Then create a SCORCH monitor runbook to copy the custom SR Area value to the OOTB Area value anytime a SR is created or updated. It's literally two runbook objects. And if you want to get all your existing requests updated, just make a similar runbook with Get Object instead of Monitor Object and filter for SRs, and make sure you filter out anything that is already closed...run that once and delete it.
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