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Add Activities to Service Request

Ryan_MurphyRyan_Murphy Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
Management wants to be able to use Service Manager/Cireson Portal to manage Projects. This entails keeping a log of every project and the tasks associated with it.

My idea is to build a Service Request template titled "IT Project", create an SR as a high level "Project", and have them utilize Manual Activities for all of the individual tasks associated with the project. So, for example:

Service Request (Project): ITSM
   Manual Activity (Task): Server builds
   Manual Activity (Task): Process flow diagramming
   Manual Activity (Task): Asset management

However, I am not seeing the option to add an Activity within the Portal, either on creation of the Service Request or once it has been created. Within the Service Manager Console I can add an Activity at any time. So, for now, I would inform management that this solution will only work within the Service Manager Console, but I hope to see the ability to add an Activity within the Portal.

Also, I welcome any other ideas that anyone has to allow management to track their projects and their tasks within a project (without using Microsoft Project).
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This is a duplicate of one of our top requested features. We are closing this as a duplicate, but view the primary feature request for more information.


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