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New Statuses for default Service Requests with No Activities

We've ran into a few instances where our IT staff would like to update the status on a default Service Request (one with no activities).  By default it can be either Submitted, or Completed.

There are situations where we would like to put this Service Request on hold - say someone is on holidays, requiring approval, awaiting equipment delivery, etc. But there is no easy way to do this - and no easy way for our management to take a quick look over our queues to see which Service Requests are "on hold" or "pending".

Please provide more statuses for default Service Requests!

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    Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    As far as I know, nothing should stop you from doing this easily within the portal.
    1. Modify the SCSM List "Service Request Status" from the SCSM console
    2. Resync Cache Builder (or let it refresh on its own every 24 hours)
    3. The Status list for SRs should now have your new values 

    Since the Cireson portal syncs all sorts of enum lists from core SCSM, this should just work. But keep in mind this only really address the scenario of an SR with no activities. If you are trying to modifiy the status of an SR with activities I'm not even sure where to begin (or if it's even possible; i tend to lean with it isn't) since that is the core functionality of the Service Request workflow as defined by Microsoft.

    With regards to management looking at queues (in that they themselves are not in the queue...which, why would they be!) I'd direct them towards the "Active Work Items" view and then filter on a Support Group. Assuming your SRs have assigned Support Groups this should ease any frustration about viewing another group's work items.
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    Jenel_MichelJenel_Michel Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Adam,

    But that Service Request Status list already has the following statuses: New, Submitted, In Progress, On Hold, Completed, Failed, Cancelled & Closed. 
    We found in one of the java script files (outside of the scope of what Cireson supports customizing) that more of these statuses will be shown, based on the "Activities"... however.. for a default one with No Activities we only see Submitted or Completed.

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    Ryan_MurphyRyan_Murphy Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Quite honestly, I wish the "Submitted" status would just by taken out, and "In Progress" would take it's place. It's rather confusing trying to explain the difference to our IT Analysts and getting them to understand it. I believe SR's should just simply have statuses that apply to every SR, regardless of whether it has Activities within it.
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    Ryan_MurphyRyan_Murphy Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    In Progress, On Hold, Cancelled, Failed, Completed, Closed.
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    Jenel_MichelJenel_Michel Customer IT Monkey ✭
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    Eugene_RackEugene_Rack Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    Hello all

    I have a similar request from our Service Desk manager. We do not use activities at the moment. So when doing a change status you have Submitted or Completed. Even when adding a list of new statuses like "Awaiting Supplier", "Awaiting user info" etc in the list file in SCSM these do not appear. However I have found a way to display these options by adding the new statuses as a child item under Submitted. So when the SR moves to Submitted status, when I do a change status now there is an option to expand the Submitted status and I can see the Awaiting Supplier etc. Once SR completed I changed to Completed and add the resolution status and the SR completed. Hope this helps.
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    Mike_BrancoMike_Branco Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Just wondering if anyone has found a solution to this issue (other than adding status as a child of Submitted).
    I have added a few statuses in Service Request Status but they still do not appear on the Portal.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Kenneth_AndersenKenneth_Andersen Customer IT Monkey ✭

    I have created a new status for ServiceRequest with the auth. tool. Then I have different workflow to change the status. 
    eg. then Service Request Status from "Submitted" -> "Complete" then the "EGIT Status" change from "not Completed -> Completed. 

    The Iam using this status to my views as well. So analyst only see the cases if the EGIT Status is not Completed or Awaiting Review Activity.

    So a service request can be in SR status "Completed" and EGIT Status "updated by user" if the user after the case complete send an email to SCSM with eg. errors.  
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    Kenneth_AndersenKenneth_Andersen Customer IT Monkey ✭

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    Nick_FlintNick_Flint Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    It took me a while to figure this out. You can create child status's of Active, Submitted and In Progress. Things like On Hold, Waiting for Feedback, Updated by User, etc. are all really synonyms of those status's anyway. Done this way, SCSM treats them as synonyms and they get synced into the Cireson Portal where they show up on the work item forms and views.
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    Mandy_WelsbyMandy_Welsby Member IT Monkey ✭

    Hi all, thanks for the heads up on this.

    I have created child status' for Active Pendin (Incidents) and On Hold (Service Requests), but you may find the following Powershell useful to check its working:

    Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name IncidentStatusEnum

     Get-SCSMEnumeration -Name ServiceRequestStatusEnum

    You can then confirm that you have all the status' correctly logged.


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