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User centric software delivery – you’ve heard of it for years with Configuration Manager. One of the key features to make it work effectively is to associate users to their primary devices (user device affinity). Once that has been done, you can target applications to users, and require that they’re only installed when the user is on one of his/her primary devices. 
If not configured, users can install applications on all of their devices, which can cause application sprawl and over licensing. The Cireson User Centric app allows you to easily identify which applications are ready for user centric software delivery, and for those that aren’t ready, automatically add the requirement to the application to support user centric software delivery.

Features/benefits list:
o Directly integrated into the Configuration Manager Console
o Quick and straight forward installation 
o Identify applications that are ready for user centric software delivery, as well as those that are not
o Easy expansion of applications to view all deployment types
o Select appropriate deployment types to be configured for user centric software delivery
o Supports Configuration Manager’s role-based administration
o Manage user-to-device relationships

Download here: cireson.com/apps/configmgr-user-centric

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