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"What's New With SCCM Since RTM (1511)"

HarjitHarjit Member IT Monkey ✭
Great job today on the webinar @wally_mead


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    wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Wow, already on the Vimeo site :-) Impressive work by Melanie. Thanks for posting Harjit, and glad you enjoyed it.
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    wally_meadwally_mead Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi to everyone,

    During the webinar, there were a few questions that I was unsure about the answer. I gave what I thought was the answer, and have done some follow up investigations to verify/correct any answers. Here's what I've come up with:

    Q. If a client switches from one SUP to another., does it return to its 'home' SUP eventually? A. I wasn't sure, but guessed that it might at the SUP list time, which I thought was every 24 hours. I looked in the TechNet docs, and found that it does NOT switch back automatically. This is to save network traffic, as when a client switches the SUP, it has to do a complete scan. It could eventually get back to its home SUP if the current one also failed (or was directed to switch).

    Q. Can you do Remote Control over the Internet? A. I stated that I was pretty sure that it was not possible. TechNet docs confirm that Remote Control is not supported over the Internet (ie. IBCM).

    Q. Can you skip multiple update packs for Configuration Manager current branch or can you only skip one (as per other Microsoft sources)? A. I stated that I'd always been told that you could, you just had to update to a new one within 12 months of a build installation. That has been confirmed from the product group.

    Q. Is Silverlight required for the new Software Center? A. I assumed not, as it was only required for the Application Catalog. Later in the Q&A session, someone confirmed that. I also confirmed with the product group, and not required.

    Q. Is TestDBUpgrade still required? A. I stated that I had been told by the product group that they wanted to build that into the update pack procedure, however was not aware that it had been yet. TechNet docs confirm that you should still be running TestDBUpgrade prior to upgrading Configuration Manager.

    Q. Does the Azure support for Configuration Manager current branch include OSD? A. I said that I believe that it does (would just be a very large payload to transfer just as it is over the LAN). I looked at the TechNet docs, and did not see a definitive statement either way. I have emailed the program manager in the product group, and will update when I get confirmation one way or another.

    Q. Does the end user have to log into Azure in order to install a Windows Store for Business app? A. I stated that I ddn't think so. In looking at TechNet docs, there are two types of WSfB apps - online and offline. Offline apps do NOT require that the end user log into Azure. Online apps DO require Azure login. So it depends on the type of app being deployed.

    That's all I have to offer as of now. In reviewing the recording of the webinar, those were the only questions that I was unsure of. If any other comments/questions come up, feel free to ask here :-)


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