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Will you team develop new report type for final survey ?

Bohdan_SemykrasBohdan_Semykras Customer IT Monkey ✭

Will you team develop new report type for final survey review or some customization for current view?

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  • Sharon_SpearsSharon_Spears Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    I was interested in further reporting capabilities also - particularly for those results that are associated with incidents.

    For example - survey results by assigned tech.  Drilling down to see the results for a specific tech.

    I'm only basing my experience on the introductory survey app video I've watched on your vimeo,  but I didn't see any easy way to drill down into results if they were bad.  For example if you had lots of results of satisfaction that were scored 2, you'd want to further investigate that. It looked to me you'd have to click on every submission to find it.  I may be wrong - hopefully my Network Admin will upgrade portal soon and enable us to install and test the survey app.

    Is there a simple way to export data to excel to manipulate?

  • Bohdan_SemykrasBohdan_Semykras Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Brett, I think that under each icon should be basic information about survey item (workItemId, userId ...)
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