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Asset Management Data Warehouse Jobs erring out since upgrade

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It's not uncommon for users you run into difficulties when updating the Cireson Asset Management software. Issues with upgrading can range from a quick fix to a more severe issue that requires deep trouble shooting. Below I have outlined some steps for troubleshooting regarding a common issue. 

A common issue I have seen:

We upgraded Asset Management last week, and now the Datawarehouse is not working correctly.

Troubleshooting steps:

1. Confirm that the cubes were deleted prior to the upgrade. 
2. Do the cubes show in the Datawarehouse?

Typically if you are having an issue in this area the cubes did not rebuild. 

A recovery is possible by removing all AM data warehouse MPs
  • Cireson.AssetManagement.Datawarehouse.cubes.mp, 
  • Cireson.AssetManagement.Datawarehouse.mp 
  • Cireson.AssetManagement.Datawarehouse.reports.mpb) 

Make sure its ONLY these three MP's
  • Cireson.AssetManagement.Datawarehouse.cubes.mp
  • Cireson.AssetManagement.Datawarehouse.mp
  • Cireson.AssetManagement.Datawarehouse.reports.mpb
and NOT any others to avoid any data loss.

Verify that the MP's are no longer present in Data Warehouse. Once the MPSyncJob completes and the MP's are no longer present in data warehouse, the MP's can be reinstalled following the install guide - https://support.cireson.com/KnowledgeBase/View/59#/

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