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Preview Pane - Assign to Me

I really like skipping down to the manual activities on an SR or CR using the shortcut at the top of the preview pane.   From within that window, you can right-click and complete/fail an activity.  it would be really nice to be able to "Assign to me" OR give us the option to auto-assign-to-me anything that we mark "complete" or "fail". 

Right now, i double click the MA, and then assign it to me, and mark it as completed inside the MA form. 
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  • Jason_MeyerJason_Meyer Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    We just came across this same issue. The "Assign To Me" task is available on the Activities page and staff 'think' the system is going to assign the 'activity' that they are looking at, that is assigned to their Support Group, to them. Not the SR that is assigned to some other Support Group that they are not even looking at.

    I realize this can be called a training issue but most will trip over this a few times.

    Cireson, can you implement an "Assign To Me" button near each of the "Assigned To" fields?


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