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Hello Community,

i would like to test the asset management from Cireson but the workflow do not find hardware assets. I have SCCM installed and the connector between SCCM and SCSM is working. I find the computer in "ALL computers" from SCSM. But the Asset Management will not find something.
Is there something to be done in SCCM like Intelligence Asset? is there something to add to the lists of asset management in SCSM?

Thanky you all.

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  • Philipp_SchäferPhilipp_Schäfer Member IT Monkey ✭
    Thank you for your help.
    The first and second option are done without the list population. There is no option to enable the model and manufacturer list.
    Do i have to edit the list to have a working asset management? I thought the asset management will fill these lists automatically with information from SCCM?
    The third option is now enabled.
  • Philipp_SchäferPhilipp_Schäfer Member IT Monkey ✭
    It is now working with the Hardware asset although that server and notebooks still have the client type computer like in SCCM.
    Is there any possible to change that or is this only possible manually? In my Hardware type list is server, notebook and printer added.

    Is there any special configuration in SCCM to collect also the software assets?
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