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Greg_TateGreg_Tate Customer IT Monkey ✭
I recently installed the latest version of the portal (v7) over a previous version (v5). I'm troubleshooting an issue where many of the request offerings and service offerings aren't appearing. 

The Cireson CacheBuilder service isn't logging anything to C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\bin\Logs\CacheBuilder.log. I gave the service account rights to modify this directory, but still nothing in the log. Application log in Event Viewer indicates that the service stops and starts successfully without any errors.

Any ideas on how to get the CacheBuilder service to be able to log to CacheBuilder.log?

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  • Greg_TateGreg_Tate Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks for taking the time with a detailed response. This is all good info. I uninstalled the CacheBuilder service and re-installed. Updated the logging level to ALL, yet still no results in the log. I see that the CacheBuilder service is active, as it's posting modifications to the LastModified table in the ServiceManagement database.

    I was able to resolve the initial issue by licensing the portal correctly. So I'm good to go as far as this post is concerned.

    Thanks again!
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