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Cireson Self-Service Portal with the Microsoft HTML5 portal

Can the Cireson Self-Service Portal be installed on the same server as the Microsoft 2016 HTML5 portal? Maybe on a different port or separated out with host headers? Meaning, are there any technical conflicts that might cause them to step on each other's toes?

If not, can I install the Cireson portal on a different server? 

Are there any issues to consider by having both portals in operation at the same time? Whether that be on the same server or separate servers?


  • Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Nick_Lugo, I can't speak as to the compatibility between the two portals as we've always used the Cireson Portal but i would highly recommend dedicating a web server for the Cireson portal. As part of that server, you'll want to install SCSM to make the web server a secondary management server. The install process is super easy and painless as long as you thoroughly follow the steps. In my opinion, once you start using the Cireson portal you'll never want to go back :)

    i would highly recommend checking out the full Cireson portal (including the Analyst portal) after you take a look at the community portal. It has enabled us to migrate to SCSM for an organization support over 20k users and over 400 analysts without having to deploy the console.
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