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SCSM Console Update to 2016 - Active Work Items View Not Working Correctly (Cireson Portal)

Sam_PackerSam_Packer Customer IT Monkey ✭
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We updated to 7.4.2016.9 last night. We also updating SCSM to 2016 last night. Today we noticed two odd things:

1.      No tickets created in the SCSM console are coming into the Cireson Portal system.

2.      Tickets in the “Active Work” view are not changing status. For example, they stay at “new” and never change to “submitted” or “in process”. If you go into one of these tickets, it says the correct status inside there. If you click “save” it will then reflect the current information.

I also had a few tickets in the Active Work view that I went into and the status was "completed". I clicked save, and then they were removed from the view (normal behavior when an SR is completed. 

Has anyone seen this behavior? It seems that the view is not refreshing. I am not sure what to do about the SCSM console SR's not coming in either. Any help would be appreciated. 

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  • Sam_PackerSam_Packer Customer IT Monkey ✭
    This is what I was told to do by Cireson support: 

    Could we perform the following before booking out your screenshare:


    •  DELETE DisplayString WHERE ElementID IN (SELECT EnumerationID FROM Enumeration WHERE CreatedBy = 'c6745a66-5ccc-4fbc-b1d8-ab9797cdea2d');

    •  DELETE Enumeration WHERE CreatedBy = 'c6745a66-5ccc-4fbc-b1d8-ab9797cdea2d';

    •  TRUNCATE TABLE ServiceOffering;

    •  TRUNCATE TABLE RequestOffering;

    •  TRUNCATE TABLE WorkItem;

    •  TRUNCATE TABLE LastModified;


    And then restart the following services in this order, giving a bit of time in between each restart:


    Microsoft Monitoring Agent

    System Center Data Access Service

    System Center Management Configuration
    Cireson Cache Builder


    Allow the Cache Builder to run completely, then check for performance.
  • Sam_PackerSam_Packer Customer IT Monkey ✭
    edited April 2017
    After doing this, I have no work items in my portal, I have no Service Offerings, and all my settings are gone. What happened?! Any help appreciated.

    *Edit* I looked at the full cache builder log and there was an error because I had not assigned a group for the portal announcement managers. Once I assigned that, the cache builder started rebuilding everything. 
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