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Automation of Advance Request Offering

Does anyone know how to automate the creation of an advanced request offering?

I'm currently upgrading our environment and need to create 10-20 Adv ROs



  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Not fully, but this might set you on the right path:

    If you had your RO's defined in a CSV/Excel doc, I think you can see how to iterate this for each row and generate an RO for each.

    Your question is specific to Advanced RO's, not the OOB Microsoft RO's, however, and I do realize that this link does not tackle them.  My intention is to get this to the point where someone more experienced with ARO's than I am can step in and help explain how this starting point can be tweaked to add the missing pieces (pages, dynamic questions, combined outputs to a single field).

    I unfortunately do not have the time to spend on this, but I imagine that if you save an ARO and export its management pack, you can look at the XML nodes that reference Cireson classes and properties and determine how to adapt the PowerShell in the post above to work with ARO's instead.

    Again, I realize this is not a full answer, but hopefully half is better than none, and can make it easier for someone else to provide the other half.
  • wouter_dedoodwouter_dedood Member IT Monkey ✭


    The link to the OOB ROs I've used before and works great.

    For the AROs I've now created a default IR and SR template/ARO which I copy using the console.

    The default Template/ARO has most of the re-usable settings in it.

    If someone has the PowerShell cmdlets please update the post so it can used it in later deployments / adjustments.

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