New MAWI Update issues

Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

Is anyone else seeing issues with the new MAWI App to where it messes up the columns on the view? I have been working with Support on this, but thus far it is not resolved. I just uninstalled MAWI entirely and reinstalled and it is still happening. See below screenshots.

Navigate to MAWI (I fixed columns a little to show how they break)

Navigate to another view (I navigate to another Cireson view, but it does it with out of the box views as well)

Navigate back to MAWI and you can see the changes.

Now when it is like this, if you hover the mouse over the column line to the right of Title, it will show that the columns are all pushed together, and you can drag them back out apart, and reorder them. But if you navigate away and back it repeats, and even the order resets.

This is a very annoying issue, and I would love it if anyone could help out with some suggestions or even a fix if someone has found one.




  • Peter_NordqvistPeter_Nordqvist Customer IT Monkey ✭
    We got the same problem, there is a problem raised for this , but nothing has happened to it.. i hope they fix it soon, MAWI does not group the objects either.. We need to revert to the previous version.
  • Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Peter, that is more information than I have received from the Engineer working my ticket. He has had me do all sorts of things, and then said I might have to revert to my old version (which was 2 years old). Never mentioned that it was a known problem that was being investigated.

    I also miss the groupings as well.

    I think I will revert back a few versions. Can you suggest a good working version that is fairly recent? As I said my old version was from 2014.

  • Peter_NordqvistPeter_Nordqvist Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I think that the previous version is 7.5.2012.77.. The problem that was raised is PR68052, and there is one about columns: PR68607
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