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Documentation for load balancing the Cireson Portal?

Christian_FailsChristian_Fails Customer IT Monkey ✭
Does anyone know if Cireson has documentation for setting up a load balanced environment?  Or could anyone offer up advice?  We have a 2nd portal server spun up and it has not been load balanced.  I installed the Cireson Portal on it.  I installed the Cache Builder, Database, and Website under the Advanced Install Options.  The reason I'm asking is that we encountered an issue today that was caused by the Cache Builder service running on the 2nd portal server. From what I've been reading that service should not have been running, but I didn't know that.    

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  • Christian_FailsChristian_Fails Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks for your response Adam. 

    I already have one web server running the portal.  I ran the portal install on our 2nd web server with Install Database selected and it seemed to cause some tables to be corrupt.  When installing the portal on a 2nd web server, for load balancing purposes, should I select Install Database or not? 

  • Christian_FailsChristian_Fails Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks for your input Joe.  They will be pointing at the same ServiceManagement database.

  • Gerardo_RuizGerardo_Ruiz Partner IT Monkey ✭

    Hi, Christian, did it work? I'm on the same situation and trying to install the same way

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