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Is it possible to import 'Lists' as CSV file through the Asset Management Import Connector?

Anne-Claire_HodgkinsAnne-Claire_Hodgkins Customer IT Monkey ✭
I'd like to know if there is a way of populating the 'Lists' section in Library without having to individually add items? Is this something that can be done through the Cireson Asset Management Import Connector with a mapped CSV file?

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  • Roland_KindRoland_Kind Partner Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
  • Anne-Claire_HodgkinsAnne-Claire_Hodgkins Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Unfortunately I have no knowledge of script or xml file writing/coding so I wouldn't be able to use and don't understand these solutions, enum or Powershell. As the 'Library' where the 'Lists' class as it were are kept is not a Cireson add on does this mean the Cireson Asset Management Import Connector can't be used for lists because it's not a Cireson data class add on? I know I looked at the mapping elements within the import connector and couldn't find Library or Lists as an option. I can understand and work with a CSV file, if its possible to use this with regards to Library and Lists.
  • Anne-Claire_HodgkinsAnne-Claire_Hodgkins Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Just looking at Enum Builder and I am not sure it does what I'd like to do. This talks about creating unsealed MP's but I wanted to update the existing 'Lists' in the Library section. Does using the Service Manager's inbuilt CSV import update these Library lists? Or will it only create more MPs?
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