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Notify analyst when analyst comment is added

Magnus_Lundgren1Magnus_Lundgren1 Customer IT Monkey ✭

Im trying to find a way to notify an analyst when a analyst comment is added to a workitem they are assigned to, and the user adding the comment is not the assigned to.
Notify analyst comment sends the comment to both the affected user and the assigned to, i only want to send it to the assigned to.

Our helpdesk offen update incidents when users call in wondering about the status of their incident, if they then add a comment like "please update the user on the status" the assigned to is never notified of this.


  • James_AtanceJames_Atance Cireson Support Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi Magnus, 

    This can be achieved via a simple Notification Subscription:

    When to Notify:
    When an object of the selected class is created

    Target Class:
    Trouble Ticket Analyst Comment

    Work Item Comments Log Entered by does not contain [me]

    Related Recipients:
    Has Analyst Comment[Trouble Ticket] -> Assigned To User[User]

    Hope this helps you out

  • Magnus_Lundgren1Magnus_Lundgren1 Customer IT Monkey ✭
    That does not seem to work
    Unless im doing something wrong.

  • James_AtanceJames_Atance Cireson Support Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Attached is the setup in my lab which will notify the analyst once another analyst has made a comment on his ticket

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