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I'm trying to determine if the Notify Analyst App would save us some pain that we are seeing with currently having a large number of Notifications configured.

I was reading through the documentation at: https://support.cireson.com/KnowledgeBase/View/1#/

The article above doesn't mention how support for nested support groups works. For instance, I have support groups set up like so:

  > Facilities
       - Denver
       - Chicago
  > Technical Support
       - Denver
       - Chicago
If one of the child groups is selected, it appears within the template like: Facilities\Chicago

Does this mean that my support group needs to be called: Facilities\Chicago? Or will it notify the parent support group? If I have a group just called Chicago, will it notify that group for both Facilities and Technical Support assignments?

Additionally, I was wondering if I set a pre-fix of "SCSM_", will that mean that all of my AD groups will need to be updated to something like "SCSM_Web Team" for a support group of "Web Team"? I'm assuming that underscores and periods cannot be part of the name that is supposed to be matching the support group?

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