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Hello, we have a configsometimes the chosen asset location is displayed with a red Background meaning no location is chosen. Unfortunately I cannot ad a screenshot here because I am getting an error message. I hope you will understand my problem nevertheless. While testing I recognized that the problem occurs after deleting a selected location and then while choosing a location the second time after deleting. This occurs in each browser type. (Chrome, Edge, IE and Firefox)

Our Support complains about this that this would make their Hotline support worse.

Could anyone help please.

Regards Margret


  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you are deleting an object from the configuration but it is still showing up on the portal, that is due to the IIS App pool. Recycle the pool after deleting and the option will not be available to chose from.
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks for your answer. Iam sorry I did not eyplain the problem correctly. We delete it just in the input field of the drop down menu and select a new one twice until the error occurs. That is what I must do to reproduce the complained error of our support engeneers.
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ok so it sounds like you have a custom enum for your locations. Then you have a custom JS to make it red if an object is not chosen.
    Then if an analyst chooses a location, backspaces to remove the option from the list, selects another location. Then selects that same location again, an error appears on the portal.
    If that is a correct run thru, you should check the observer of the Red formatting to see if it is updating on change. Monitor dev tools in the browser see what it reports when you replicate the error.
    Another option is to turn off all your customspace objects and see if the error clears, then turn on one at a time until you replicate the error so you know when customspace object is causing the error. HTH
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I renamed my custom directory but the error stays. We have this problem since SCSM 2016. I now recognized that the red formatting also occurs if I click next (right) to the displayed chosen location. 
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ok so it sounds like you are in a ARO with you have a required query lookup for CI Type location?
    If true is this a CI from Cireson Asset Management, or a custom CI?
    Also reading between the lines you migrated/upgraded from SCSM 2012 to 2016. Where it worked in 2012 but now you have the error. What method did you use to get to 2016.

    From my experience, we had a couple issues when we migrated. We choose to move from one server farm to a new to address lessons learned from our 2012 deployment. (had a lot of garbage to clean up)
    So when upgrading we didn't want to loss all the work we did customizing the portal navigation and dashboards. So it was recommended to lift the DB into the new farm, install the latest portal and move forward. This worked but later we ran into an weird issue that CI's when chosen to add to a WI when clicking save they would disappear. We discovered the offset was that in the DB life there were CI's into the configurationitem table that we not in the new SCSM DB. Wondering if you are running into something similar.

    Couple other things you can check. If it is Cireson Asset Management, verify that it is showing properly licensed. Verify the CI's are opening properly in the console. Check that they can be found in the DB on the configurationitem table, noting depending on the upgrade path they could be stale records. During off hours you can always clear that table and restart the cache builder. (that is how we cleared out our issue)
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭
    We found out that we are having this problem while creating a ticket with a template using the rquest icons in portal. If I create a ticket with the same template using the "New +" in the left corner of the portal everything is fine.
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    So the community can help more please define more what the implementation is for the use case.
    Request Icons - Service Requests or Navigation Node?
    What class of New are you working on - Incident or Asset management?
    If Incident - Location is not natively a form element how did you customize the form?
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭

    For exampel here I select "Anforderung Drucker" what is a Service Request. The green and blue icons are SRs, the orange and red ones IRs. The error occurs for IRs and SRs.

    The Error looks like this:

    We have a customization in our servicerequest.js file in custom directory:

                                        columnFieldList: [
                                            { DataType: "Enum", PropertyDisplayName: "Standort", PropertyName: "Standort", EnumId: '6710d24d-b9f7-dbfc-076d-076bc256f703'}

    We have an enum list UKA_SM_Enum_UKAStandorte. Here an extract of this list:

    <ManagementPack ContentReadable="true" SchemaVersion="2.0" OriginalSchemaVersion="1.1" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsl="">
          <Reference Alias="Console">
          <Reference Alias="System">
          <Reference Alias="UKAStandorteMP">
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UKAStandorteMP!UKAStandorteMP.StandortListe" Ordinal="4" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT" Ordinal="5" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01" Ordinal="6" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_00" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="7" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_01" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="8" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_02" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="9" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_03" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="10" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_04" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="11" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_05" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="12" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_06" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="13" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_07" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="14" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_08" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="15" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_09" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="16" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_10" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="17" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_11" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="18" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_12" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="19" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_12A" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="20" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_13" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_" Ordinal="21" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01" Ordinal="22" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_00" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="23" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_01" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="24" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_02" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="25" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_03" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="26" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_04" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="27" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_05" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="28" />
            <EnumerationValue ID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_06" Accessibility="Public" Parent="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_" Ordinal="29" />

    The list is much longer. We also have a language pack in this management pack. Here an extract:

        <Category ID="UKA_SM_Enum_UKAStandorte.Category" Value="Console!Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.ManagementPack">
        <LanguagePack ID="DEU" IsDefault="true">
            <DisplayString ElementID="UKA_SM_Enum_UKAStandorte">
              <Description>Standorte UKA Raumbuch</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT">
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01">
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_">
              <Name>Flur 01 </Name>
              <Description>Flur 01 </Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_00">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 00 Flur 01 incl. Windfang A1</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 00 Flur 01 incl. Windfang A1</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_01">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 01 Büro Leitung</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 01 Büro Leitung</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_02">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 02 Sekretariat</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 02 Sekretariat</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_03">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 03 Büro</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 03 Büro</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_04">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 04 Büro</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 04 Büro</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_05">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 05 Büro</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 05 Büro</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_06">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 06 Büro</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 06 Büro</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_07">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 07 Kommunikationsraum</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 07 Kommunikationsraum</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_08">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 08 Büro</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 08 Büro</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_09">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 09 Küche</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 09 Küche</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_10">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 10 Büro</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 10 Büro</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_11">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 11 Behandlungsraum</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 11 Behandlungsraum</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_12">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 12 Kommunikationsraum</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 12 Kommunikationsraum</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_12A">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 12a Technikraum</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 12a Technikraum</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_01_.RAUM_13">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 13 Lagerraum</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 01 / Raum 13 Lagerraum</Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_">
              <Name>Flur 02 </Name>
              <Description>Flur 02 </Description>
            <DisplayString ElementID="UBFT.01.FLUR_02_.RAUM_00">
              <Name>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 02 / Raum 00 Flur 02</Name>
              <Description>UBFT Etage 01 Flur 02 / Raum 00 Flur 02</Description>

    I hope these informations will help.
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ok that helps,
    So your Customization of the ServiceRequest.JS is correct and you have verified that it is working.
    Which also means your MP's are working for the custom enum.
    From the screenshots your ARO is what is running into the issue.
    For your migration to 2016 was it an in-place upgrade or a migration.(If migration did you use the lifecycle app to transfer the MP's)

    I would review the RO design in the console.
    Verify that it is reading the input as an enum linked to your custom enum.
    Verify that it is reporting properly mapping to that data point.
    You may need to unpublish double check the settings and then publish again. Restart the cache so it syncs again. Possible stale content in the Cireson DB from the upgrade/migration.
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭
    We did a migration and used lifecycle app. I checked the RO in console and unpublished and published afterwards.
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Do you have any idea what the message WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once. mean and if it could have anythin to do with our problem? THis message occurs while loading Cireson Portal
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Did you also lift the database? Or was it a fresh Cireson install. 
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭
    The database was a fresh install.
  • Margarete_JussenMargarete_Jussen Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thank you very much for your help. I could not find the problem so I raised a ticket at Cireson Support Portal.

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