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Notifications from completed Manual Activities nested in a Parallel Activity for Affected User

Robin_FaklerRobin_Fakler Customer IT Monkey ✭

I have set up a subscription and followed the following steps that Affected Users are getting email notifications from completed Manual Activities (MA) within a Parallel Activity (PA):


When you create a Service Request with a Parallel Activity and Manual Activities within the PA, the notifications for the affected user are not working until you change the affected user to another user and change it back to the orginally affected user:

Not Working:
Create SR for user A -> Change status of a Manual Activity to "completed" -> no notification is sent

Create SR for user A -> Change affected user to B -> Change affected user to A -> Change status of a Manual Activity to "completed" -> notification is sent

The Problem is that this method is very unreliable. In most cases only 80% of the MAs are successfully linked to the affected user. E.g. only two from the three MAs in the attached are linked to the affected user, one MA doesn´t have an affected user.

Do you guys have a reliable solution? Thank you.


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    Ingrid_GlatzIngrid_Glatz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

    Hi Robin,

    I would guess that the criteria to send the notification is not correct.

    Do you have selected "when an object of the selected class is updated" in the general section, additional criteria "Changed from Not Completed" to "Changed to Completed" and added the AffectedUser as the recipient?

    On the other hand, why would you want to send a notification when a manual activity has been completed when at the end, the affected user gets a notification when the whole IR or SR is resolved/completed.


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    Robin_FaklerRobin_Fakler Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Ingrid,

    the mail notifications are already working for some completed activities but not for all. 

    Check the attached file:
    1) SR was created and a PS-Script added dynamically Manual Activities
    2) Affected User was changed to dummy user (Frankfurter Karl-Friedrich) -> Here we can see that two MAs are not linked with the user -> No notification will be sent when MA is completed
    3) Affected User was changed back to requestor (myself) -> see 2)

    The notifications for the completed linked MAs working perfectly.

    Background: We implemented the Cireson Shopping addon with Geoff Ross. Users are now able to order hardware, software and consumables. A SR will be created with all order details and my script is creating dynamically Manual Activities for each ordered article. The goal is that users are notified when a part of the order was completed.
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